Monday, 14 January 2013

arty shelves

Here is a very quick How To...make room for more art in your life. Here's the before:

Some of our art collection, including work by Tori Brown, Paula Day, Dominic from Luton, Paul Griffiths and Janette Staton, as well as some drawings by my son. One trip to Ikea later, with a voucher which we got for Christmas and, among other things, we purchased four long picture shelves.
First, fill and sand any holes. Touch them up with paint, then measure the walls and find the mid-point.

Using a spirit level, mark through the holes in the shelf with a pencil and make some guiding holes in your wall. Our walls are stud partitions, so I glued the back of the shelves with No More Nails and just used wood screws.

The first two shelves are up. More measuring and you're ready for the next two. And here's the finished result.

Now there's room for 100% more art, including some small sculptural objects and letters. And happily, the sun came out too!

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