Sunday, 4 November 2012

Remember, Remember

Well, October is over and November's here. But what to do with the pumpkin flesh you hollowed out to make your Jack O' Lantern? Well...

Here's our Jack O' Lantern, and very scary he was too. And here's what we did with the rest:

A recipe from BBC Food. Made very much like carrot cake, but tasting more like my nan's bread pudding, and very delicious. Here's how it turned out:

On the subject of cakes, we've been baking mad this week. Not only have we made the Christmas cake and the above mentioned Pumpkin Cake, but it was my son's birthday today, so the third of this week's cakes was a simple chocolate sponge. And you can't get much simpler than Delia's recipe for "All in one sponge cake" from her Complete Cookery Course.

You really do just bung it all in together and mix it up. So simple, but so effective. Some whipped cream for a filling and topping, then some more chocolate (and candles as required). 

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