Saturday, 17 November 2012

Buy fresh, buy local

For today's blog we want to think about the food we buy, and whence it comes. We are lucky enough to live near a local farmers' market, where we shop for our fruit and veg. Not only do the staff know the farmers where the food is produced, but the carbon footprint is tiny compared to supermarkets, and it is actually cheaper. Just look at these beautiful garlic bulbs, all locally grown

Not only are they much bigger than some of the muck you find in your local supermarket, but the taste is just sensational. Try garlic in more of your cooking, it will help to ward off a cold, which is great at this time of year. We use it not just in pasta, but with all sorts of dishes, including this gluten free quiche.

Another very versatile staple from our farmers' market is beetroot. You really can do a lot with it. We like it roasted with some butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Or you can juice it, as we did with some carrots and a little grapefruit.

Just look at the colour of that! All totally natural, and naturally sweet too. Lastly we want to think about the food which is all around us, if only we would look. We took the children blackberry picking a few weeks ago, and managed to collect about two kilos in less than an hour. We made a crumble that day and froze the rest. This week we got some out and tried Nigel Slater's recipe for blackberry marinated pork. Delicious.

Though burnt on blackberries are a nightmare to wash up!

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