Monday, 12 November 2012

The Bog Blog

These days, more often than not, we are told to decorate simply, with a plain backdrop, usually white, and only to go for boldness on one "feature" wall. Well I think differently, particularly in the smallest room. In the toilet you can go for it.

Having collected ephemera for years, I finally found a use for it. With designer wallpapers fetching hundreds of pounds, here's a relatively free option (all I paid for was the wallpaper paste!)

Strangely for a one bedroom council flat, I discovered there was room for a small shelving unit in the toilet too. I picked one up for a song at the Brighton Flea Market, and thought I would upcycle it with a bit of paint.

But when I got it into place I thought it fitted quite nicely with the decor. It sits next to a piece of "bookcase" wrapping paper I have also used as wallpaper.

Now I have a quiet place to sit and read some poetry, or peruse my small collection of Observers' Books.

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