Monday, 10 December 2012

DIY - With Knobs On

This week I was lucky enough to find some old door furniture for sale at the Wood Store ( Pairs of door knobs for £3 per set. An absolute bargain - how could I resist? And as the newly installed doors in my council flat have some hideous cheap looking models, I had always wanted to change them.

Here is one of the old cheap door handles. I simply unscrewed these.


And then sanded the holes and gave it a quick paint job. The door has been undercoated for some time, until I had the money for some more paint. In the end I used some Farrow and Ball paint I picked up for nothing from Freecycle - it's amazing what is available out there for nothing!

I then screwed in the "new" brass knobs. The paint is called Great White, and has a hint of dusky pink in it, which makes it a lovely warm white. Obviously the door still needs some sanding down, filling and repainting, but I really couldn't wait to show you the "new" old brass knobs!

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