Friday, 21 December 2012

...Tum-tee-tum delightful!

So, I said I would show you how to make an origami Santa...You need a square of paper, red on one side and white on the other. Use some scrap paper from the offfice and cover any printing with red paint (we also sprinkled some glitter!) Then cut or tear out a square.

Next fold the square again, so there is a cross from corner to corner.

Then fold both sides into the centre, as you would a paper aeroplane.

Turn that over, and bring down the white bit of paper to the very centre.

Then fold it over again - this makes the brim of Santa's hat.

Turn over once more amd fold Santa's hat back up, leaving the bottom of his white beard at the bottom of his body.

Finally turn the two flaps behind him, and draw a little face:

He can now stand up and several could be very useful as table decorations, or place holders. Or you can punch a hole in his hat and hang on the tree like we did!

Happy holidays!

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